How to Add Notification Popup to Any Website for Free

How to Add Notification Popup to Any Website for Free

Enhance customer engagement with captivating sales alerts triggered by specific user actions. Explore the versatile Fouita Notification Popup widget, a free tool that can be customized to showcase the demand for your products to website visitors at the right moment.


Start setting up your Notification Popup widget
Embed your own custom Social Proof for any website
Features and benefits of Notification Popup

Start setting up your Notification Popup widget:

Looking to enhance your website’s credibility and urgency? Check out our Notification Popup Widget, designed to showcase the demand for your products and services through authentic social proof. Fouita offers a free, customizable widget that requires no coding to create compelling notifications. Our goal is to assist you in crafting natural alerts for any situation.

Discover how to create and manage smart notifications on your website, effectively attracting customers, boosting sales, and fostering loyalty. Our alerts are not only customizable in design but also tailored to user behavior. Try customizing your first Sales Notification.

Embed your own custom Social Proof for any website:

Let’s create a user-friendly no-code notification plugin for website pages together. We’ll go through each step and set up alerts as we go. The guide includes screenshots to help you understand notifications better and follow along easily.

Step 1. Get started with your notification popup widget

You can complete this step before registration, or sign-in to work on your project during an open session and save it to return to later.

Upon registration, you can utilize any Fouita no-code widget for free, such as Notification Popup, on your website as part of our trial offer.

Step 2. Select the template that meets your preferences

We’ve templates tailored for different business needs and scenarios. Take a look at all of them to find one that suits your requirements and move forward.

Step 3. Customize the content

Customize your notification popups effortlessly in the panel provided. Adjust background and text colors, upload images with flexible positioning, add links, and edit content to suit your needs. 

Control when and how long each popup appears to maximize its impact on your website.

You can add as many notifications as you want within a single template.

Step 3. Explore the template’s settings

On “Display” when you activate the random option, you can set the maximum number of popups to display, define their timing and duration. 

When you click on “View” you can customize popup positions, adjust roundness, width, height, maximum height, and margins to your liking. You also have the choice to add animations for added visual appeal.

Step 4. Receive the HTML code of your Notification Popup system

Once your custom notification plugin is ready, click the “Save” button to obtain your code. 

Click on “Embed” to receive your integration code.

Copy the code that is most convenient for embedding your Notification Popup widget into the HTML of your website pages.

Benefits of Notification Popup:

You’ve explored plenty of visuals and tutorials on the Notification Popup for your website pages. However, a crucial question remains: why do businesses actually need this widget? Let’s delve into the advantages of using this application for your business.

Benefits for business owners:

  • Increase conversions: Notification popups can significantly increase conversion rates by presenting targeted offers, discounts, or prompts at strategic moments in the user journey, encouraging immediate action.
  • Reduce cart abandonment: Exit-intent popups can help reduce cart abandonment by offering discounts or reminding users of items in their cart before they leave the website.
  • Promote special offers and events: Businesses can use popups to promote special offers, sales events, webinars, or product launches directly to website visitors, increasing awareness and participation.
  • Enhance user engagement: Notification popups can improve user engagement by delivering relevant content, updates, or personalized recommendations based on user behavior or preferences.
  • Improve user experience: When implemented thoughtfully and sparingly, notification popups can enhance user experience by providing useful information or offers that align with the user’s interests and needs.

Benefits for customers:

  • Enhanced shopping experience: Sales notifications significantly enrich the overall shopping experience by delivering personalized offers and incentives directly to customers. This interactive approach not only captures attention but also encourages active engagement with the brand.
  • Savings and exclusive deals: Customers can capitalize on exclusive discounts and limited-time offers highlighted through sales notifications. This feature empowers them to make savvy purchasing decisions while maximizing savings on their purchases.
  • Increased confidence: Integrating social proof elements like recent purchases or positive reviews within notifications boosts customer confidence in their purchasing decisions. This transparency helps reinforce trust in the brand and its offerings.
  • Interactive engagement: Sales notifications enable customers to interact directly with promotions, allowing them to click through to explore offers or complete purchases effortlessly. This seamless interaction enhances user experience and streamlines the purchasing process.
  • Customer loyalty: By delivering timely and valuable promotions through notifications, businesses can effectively nurture customer loyalty. Repeat purchases are encouraged, and long-term relationships with customers are fostered, leading to sustained business growth.

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